Sunday, September 12, 2010

Color outside of the lines. Come down prepare to experience wonder and be amazed. This is a random non alphabetized list of the visual artists featured at the event.

Todd Wozniak-Ceramics and Quilts.
Steve Zawojski-Ceramics.
Myra Maness-Ceramics.
Nick Nortier-Water Color and Ink.
Zahrahr- Abstract Painter.
Mikey Henderberg-Collage.
Shanna Shearer-Painter.
Emily Duke-Ceramics.
Israel Davis-Ceramics.
Jack Nixon-2d/Detailed Architectural drawings.
Michael Pavona-Painter.
Ben Plus Three.
Magarets Mosaics
Jason Quigno-Stone Sculpture.
Fernando Ortiz-Metal and Wood Sculpture.
Matt Schaffer-Painter.
Kimberly Levon-Print Maker.
Steve Biabak-Sculpture.
Janel Schultz Scultpture.
Russell Bauer-Multimedia.
Helen Craules-Painter.
The Kali Factor: Linnea Carlson deRoche, Ryan Deroche, Deb Dieppa, Mellissa Nappi, Colleen Orourke, Jenn Holshoe, Sarah Scott, Kara Sprague- Bouwkamp, Mari Tobias, Chloe Viening Butler: all 2d. Mellisa Nappy-Knitted sculptural Work. 
Ed Skelli-Painter.
Jan Gebben- Painter.
Hugo Claudin-Painter.
Denny Girwin-Ceramic Sculpture.
Erwin Erkfitz-Ink Paintings.
Patty Sugar-Painter.
Bethalynne Bajama-"Steam Punk" Multi Media Painter.
Etta Diem's Attic Shop.
Myke Amend-"Steam Punk" Painter, Assemblage, Black Clay Board Engraving.
Gregg Man Sound and Visuals.
Joel Van Dam-Wood Sculpture and Furniture.
Amanda R. Hess- Photographer, Performance artist.
Chris Schaefer-Metal Castings of Miniature environments.
Jim Gebben-Photography.
Amanda Sue Geiger-Photographer.
Neil Rajala-Illustraton
Dennis Darmondy
Britta Urness
Mary Cusach.
Nick Szymanski.
Ryan Nault.
Evan Schurlow.
Sarah Parr.

 Gregg Bliss, Patrick Revere, Diane Baum, Melissa Wray, David Landrum, Azreal, Jerry Adams, also Seth and Laurien.

Other Participants include:

Media Rare.
West Michigan Food Coop. Including a short film on the coop filmed by Calvin College film makers.
West Michigan Fencing Academy
Mike from Grand Rapids Coffee
gregg man sound and visuals

Please keep checking back for information on events in the south building.

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