Monday, August 30, 2010

  • Destination: 1111 will be bringing some of the most exciting, innovative music that the state has to offer
(M) Main Stage,
(G) Darkroom Gallery

This years line up includes:
6:00-Wazobia: G
7:00-Alexis: G
7:30-Valentiger: M
8:00-Nathan Kalish: G
9:00-Four Lincolns: M
10:00-Ribbons of Song: M
4:00-Ohaus: M
5:00-Kurt Denison: G
6:00-Juliet Bennett Rylah: G
6:00-Tinkers Tea: M
7:00-Chris Andrus: G
7:30 Ritsu Katsumata wsg Ric Carroll: M
8:00-Zoe Boekbinder: G
8:30-Paucity: M
9:30-Sideshow: M
10:00-Lazy Genius: M

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