Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Destination 1111 is about relationships not consumerism or competition. That's why sponsorship has always been crucial to its existence.


  1. Co-conspirators of the portal of destination consider the equations that bring these dreams together. For a moment, suffer my observations and in doing so, perhaps, transform.

    And I reference www.111angels.com as well as www.uri-geller.com/articles/11.htm

    It is possible that we have all joined the 11:11 Platoon. I am talking about the human/celestial being co-operative experienced by those caught midway between the temporal and the divine.

    Destination is composed of 11 letters. The number 1111 has significance not only in the acute psychic observations of gifted throughout history but also the number relates to Biblical prophecy as well as the 11 parallel universes that must exist in order for String Theory (the theory of everything)to even work.

    I could continue but you might wish to form your own opinion before we further discuss. Please review the inserted links (above) and respond.

    It might be in order to celebrate the Doorway of Consciousness that our magical number has apparently created before the colonization of the planet. Unless, of course, the colonization is an ongoing process through time and space itself.


  2. Why, Mr. Bliss, your intellect is dizzying.